Fast Track Implementation

Zügig vom Kickoff zum ERP-Produktivstart

Mit der Fast Track Implementation führen wir die ERP-Software in Rekordzeit ein.

Normally, the introduction of a new ERP system takes 10 - 18 months - or even longer. With our Fast Track Implementation you will be able to set up APplus much faster!

Neben der Geschwindigkeit gibt es einen weiteren wichtigen Vorteil: Das Unternehmen lernt den Standardumgang mit APplus kennen. Es werden somit keine Programmierungen vorgenommen, die sich später als unnötig herausstellen und die Kosten erhöht und Einführungszeit erweitert hätten.

But it is not only the fast introduction that speaks for Fast Track Implementation.  You also benefit from minimised project risks - and all that for the Fixed price.

What is Fast Track Implementation?

Fast Track Implementation (FTI for short) is a guided induction methodology, mit der sich die Implementierungsdauer stark verringern lässt.

Here you will initially focus on the APplus standard and the ERP core processes. These are CRM, sales, purchasing, production, materials management, project management, staff time recording and our mobile service solution SCS.

Also with FTI you get a full APplus installed. Thus, all doors remain open for you after Go Live. You can install further Implement modules, include partner solutions or, should it be necessary also Carry out customisations.

Was bedeutet Fast Track Implementation im Bereich der Unternehmenssoftware?
Zahlreiche Vorteile für die ERP-Einführung durch die Fast Track Implementation Methode

The advantages of FTI

With Fast Track Implementation you enjoy a whole range of advantages over a regular implementation.

A Clearly defined methodology gives next to the clear performance specification all involved Orientation for the introduction. We also take care of the master data import for you and provide prototypes with your data for the training sessions. This minimises the risks that can occur during the project.

Furthermore, with FTI you have Full cost transparencyas surprises are already ruled out in advance.

Is FTI suitable for you?

For an APplus implementation via Fast Track Implementation, a few prerequisites must be fulfilled. 

For example, the methodology is currently only available for core industries. You should also be prepared to limit yourself to the core ERP modules and standard processes at the beginning.

Tras la introducción de APplus, el sistema puede, por supuesto, ampliarse como se desee.

Finden Sie heraus, ob Ihr Unternehmen für die Fast Track Implementation geeignet ist.

Prerequisites for Fast Track Implementation

You are ready to adapt your business processes to APplus.

The ERP core modules are sufficient for you.

You belong to one of our core industries.

You do not need any adjustments in APplus.

You can provide your master data.

More information about Fast Track Implementation

Interested? We will be happy to advise you individually and personally.