APplus advanced planning and scheduling.

The most advanced APplus features ever.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

APplus goes far beyond the extensive functions of today's ERP systems.

The advanced planning and scheduling software is one of the most important tools for management and controlling. The innovative solution from APplus helps you plan all production operations step by step, down to the smallest detail.

Components of this feature

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  • Real-time operation
  • Optimization of production planning
  • Extensive simulation options
  • Adjustable planning horizons
  • Objective: Planning without bottlenecks
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What is APplus advanced planning and scheduling?

With APplus, advanced planning and scheduling is a forward-looking, comprehensive and detailed planning tool for managing the entire supply chain of a company (sequence planning according to stored rules). It is used to increase the value of production processes by precisely defining characteristics (such as objectives, constraints, alternatives, etc.).

This ensures more transparent information and enables optimization along the entire cross-company value chain.


  • APplus advanced planning and scheduling is fully integrated into the APplus ERP modules: all the information required for planning is provided by APplus (calendars, resources, orders, etc.)
  • The planning tool is completely integrated into the real-time operations of APplus and does not need any interfaces at all
  • Simple and convenient tools are available for interactive planning
  • Subsequent steps such as materials resource planning and generating order proposals are automated for all relevant orders
  • Visual display as planning board with information about KPIs, orders and workflows
  • Optimization of setup times, utilization, sequence and workstation assignment
  • Forward scheduling shows overdue work steps and missed deadlines and displays them in graphic form
  • Planning horizons can be adjusted as desired
  • Various filter functions

Your added value with APplus advanced planning and scheduling

  • Maximize your business management potential
  • React flexibly to bottlenecks and fluctuations in demand
  • Optimize the use of your resources according to criteria such as on-time delivery performance, throughput times or inventory reduction
  • Control and improve productivity by optimizing compatibility of all production processes, including design engineering, subcontractors and suppliers
  • Increase your planning accuracy and transparency with an exact overview of the situation This enables you to identify bottlenecks and respond to them appropriately in real time
  • Comply with Service Level Agreements and reduce contractual penalties
  • Improve service, delivery times and customer satisfaction
  • Strengthen your market position with a clearly differentiated service and accurate time frames
  • Reduce your expenditures by reducing production, warehouse and material costs
  • Use a fully integrated system – data, operation, technology, user administration. Get updates, support, training, etc. from a single source.
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An unbeatable low price

Predefined optimization scenarios for various production types bring you unbelievably fast ROI and low TCO.

For you, this means:

  • No incompatible data structures or process concepts
  • No duplication of functions
  • No redundant master data
  • Business management processes and production management go hand-in-hand