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Die ERP-Lösung für Ihr Warenwirtschafts-system

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APplus merchandise management

We are very familiar with medium-sized businesses' requirements for merchandise management systems. Therefore, we have developed a merchandise management solution with particularly outstanding user-friendliness.

Components for your merchandise management

Dashboard Laptop
  • Inventory management
  • AI Warehouse optimisation
  • Order tracking with traffic light function
  • Mobile inventory control
  • Sales
  • Sales controlling
  • Purchasing

Perfect interaction between sales and merchandise management

Core processes in sales include quotations, order confirmations, delivery notes (goods issues) and invoices. These basic functions include a great number of detailed workflows for fully covering the requirements of different customers and industries. These range from foreign currencies and languages to framework agreements to individual pricing and discount agreements with customers. Other aspects to be taken into account include group structures, buying groups, serial number management and sales commission settlements.
To optimally integrate the sales processes into materials management, our APplus ERP system supports both the transaction of standard sales from stock and the complex processes involved in selling custom-developed products – such as in special machine or plant engineering.

Sales planning, highly detailed packaging management, shipment fulfillment and transportation organization as well as a specific module for managing rental agreements round out the range of services provided by the sales module of our APplus ERP software within the materials management.

Purchasing functions for merchandise management

Similarly structured and versatile in use, the purchasing module is making it extremely convenient to process order proposals, quote requests, purchase orders, goods receipts and supplier invoices within the materials management of our APplus ERP system. Based on article/supplier master data, you can get information on expected costs or delivery times at any time. Special bonus procedures are taken into account and the quality of the deliveries that have been made is documented in a detailed supplier evaluation.
APplus purchasing is an integral part of our ERP system and suitable for both make-to-stock MRP and strict made-to-order MRP, depending on the article or order item in question. It is possible to trace the original pegged requirement – the customer or production order – at any point with a simple mouse click. This is particularly important in order to be able to respond to changed delivery schedules or quantities. This process also allows procurement costs to be allocated directly to the pegged order, something which order and project manufacturers can appreciate.

Inventory management

Optimal inventory management is an important foundation for successful business management. If stock levels are too high, vital capital is tied up quickly and cannot be used to finance other areas of day-to-day business. Therefore, in addition to traditional MRP processes, the APplus materials management ERP module supports strict make-to-order processes. The procurement requirements of an individual order are obtained on short notice and in the exact quantities currently required, some before the expected order has been fully received. This makes it possible to offset the frequently long delivery times.

Serial number management and batch-oriented inventory management are important for companies with long-term documentation obligations or who need to be able to maintain and service equipment after delivery. Sales and production planning make it possible to plan long-term requirements, even if these are subject to seasonal fluctuations.

The APplus material manamgent ERP software module makes it significantly easier to plan and carry out stocktaking and inventory processes, including continuous stocktaking and annual inventory. Warehouse postings are still possible concurrently. Compared to competitors' solutions, the inventory management of APplus materials management features an outstanding high level of user comfort and convenience. This is immensely important, as the entire value stream within the company is mapped in the warehouse movements. If the posting functions are too complex, the temptation to leave them incomplete in everyday operations is greater. Business management reports then lose their accuracy and meaning.

In the APplus material management ERP module, values and account assignments are generated – where possible – automatically in the posting process. This is a big plus for your business management accuracy and reliability. The extensive management information system, based on state-of-the art OLAP technology, benefits from this to an especially great extent.

Warenwirtschaft Atlas

Use the Atlas procedure directly in APplus

In the Atlas process, written forms and documents for customs clearance are replaced by electronic messages in EDIFACT format. Working together with BEX Components AG, Asseco has developed an AES component that is integrated into APplus, certified by customs authorities and complies with all government agency requirements. This gives you all the tools you need for fast and hassle-free exports. With APplus ATLAS Export, a goods issue can be transmitted to the BEX component via a Web service in just one click. The plausibility check that is carried out provides immediate feedback if any information is incorrect or missing. BEX takes care of transmitting the export application to the customs agency and receives the approval or rejection of the transaction by electronic means. You can also track the corresponding processing status from the APplus ERP system module at any time.                                        

Mobile inventory control

Particularly users with high throughput within their warehouse management system rely on high inventory accuracy. Limited shelf capacity often forces available storage spaces to be used multiple times in line with the principles of chaotic inventory management. This also results in management of the same articles at different locations. Without electronic data processing on site, defined targets are often unattainable. Experience has shown that the further away from the action the entry screen is, the more inaccurate stock quantities will be.

In these situations, physical stocktaking (inventory) also needs support close to where the counting takes place that at the same time results in fast, direct postings in the ERP system without additional effort. In cooperation with our solution partner, we have developed an add-on solution that allows APplus functions to be displayed on mobile terminal devices without complex additional programming.


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Warenwirtschaft Vertriebscontrolling

Sales controlling

Business management planning and control has an especially important role in APplus. This includes detailed quotation costing and flexible reports for evaluating sales success: realized contribution margins, target/actual comparisons or period income statements provide the necessary figures with which to control sales success.