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With APplus you keep control over your business processes: with profit orientation and tailored to the very individual requirements of your medium-sized company.

Why APplus

Revolution in the ERP world

APplus 6.4 – the only ERP system with LinkPlus technology

APplus, the proven ERPII software solution from Asseco Solutions, enables medium-sized production companies to use their corporate resources optimally and to initiate and implement their corporate processes in a controlled manner.

The new Version 6.4 features several technical innovations, chief among them LinkPlus, the revolutionary navigation concept. LinkPlus is the first concept that lets users see all relevant information about the projects they are working on - with just one click!

Our ERP solution creates satisfied customers

Why APplus is the right ERP system

An ERP solution‘s task is to integrate all business areas of a company on one platform in a transparent and efficient way. APplus has a specific focus on the requirements and systems of medium-sized companies. The web-based and open software architecture enables the user to obtain a complete overview on all business processes that are relevant to him – regardless of whether resource planning or wages & salaries in FA are concerned. In the context of our long-term cooperation with our customers, special industry-specific solutions for mechanical and plant engineering, series production, automotive and many other industries have been developed.

We supplement this by offering modules for individual functional areas, as for example customer relationship management (CRM), merchandise management or project management. What makes APplus so special: Our ERP solution is based on an innovative portal and workflow concept, which puts the user into the focus. Using the unique Link Plus technology, users can interrupt their processes at any time and subsequently directly return to the starting point without any detours. In addition, the convenient integration of Office products into APplus reduces the training effort and reduces costs. Find out why APplus is the right ERP system for you – Just read the information on our website or contact us for advice!

When does an ERP system pay off?

An ERP system supports a company in all business and production processes - from an easy-to-use customer relationship management through an efficient project management to a central controlling. The target is always the increase in efficiency and productivity. A good business software does not only consider the requirements of individual departments or workflows, but also the special demands of the user. APplus reconciles all these aspects and in addition offers convenient functions such as dashboards, voice control, a mobile app and document filing per drag & drop.

If you want to optimize your production processes, increase the transparency of your business processes and improve your customer relationship management, an ERP system pays off for your company, too. Discover the industry-specific solutions and special APplus modules – and secure competitive advantages for your company also in the long term.