APplus project organization

Your new project manager.


Projekt organization with redundant data storage and all transactions continuously up-to-date

Having the right information available at lightning speed, with just one click, means effective and efficient project organization. This way you can handle orders as projects starting in the quotation and planning phase. The time you save with our APplus ERP solution is boundless.

Componontents for your project management

Funktionen der ERP-Software im Servicemanagement
  • Multi-project management
  • Graphical resource planning
  • Project cost tracking
  • Project costing (preliminary and final costing, including concurrent costing)

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Project management

In the project organization module, it is possible to plan for expenditures and resources (forecast) starting in the quotation phase. Information about competitors and direct integration into the CRM activities supports sales in the acquisition phase.

Then you can centrally control and monitor quotation preparation and order processing via project management.


Rough planning

Using the project organization, projects can be defined and resource needs can be estimated even during an early phase of a project's life cycle. Based on this you can create a rough plan of the deadlines and costs. In the implementation phase, a project can be allocated any number of individual orders.

EDM/PDM interface

Immediately after the design department has done its work, plant engineering in particular requires further processing of numerous bills of materials and newly defined article master data without additional effort in materials planning. With the project organization module, our APplus ERP system enables fully automated processes here with the new SOAP-based EDM/PDM interface. The same mechanism can also be used for importing and exporting BOM data in collaboration with external development offices or subcontractors.

Project cost tracking

The project cost tracking integrates the operational expenses determined for a specific project (material, workflows), with the roughly specified cost elements from the planning and commissioning phase, which were allocated to the project via project cost accounting. The result is a complete overview of all costs incurred by the project. This overview can then be used for analyzing the success of the project based on the transactions conducted.