8 good reasons to choose APplus 7.0

With the APplus ERP software, medium-sized companies can initiate their business processes in a controlled way and perform them with profit orientation.


Greater transparency and a clearer overview

APplus gives you company-wide insight. With a single click. Advanced links and dashboards turn APplus into an intuitively usable ERP system that provides all information in a descriptive and clear way.

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Das ERP-System APplus belegt erneut Bestnoten in der Trovarit-Studie


In the Trovarit study, APplus again scores top marks for user satisfaction.

Die ERP-Software APplus wurde erneut mit dem ERP-Excellence Siegel ausgezeichnet.

AWARDED ITK product of the year

The readers of Funkschau voted the ERP solution APplus product of the year 2019.

Asseco Solutions, dem Unternehmen hinter APplus, wird erneut eine sehr gute Bonität bescheinigt.


Full security for you - for a trusting and long-term partnership with Asseco Solutions.

Mehrfach in Folge ausgezeichnet: die ERP-Software APplus als ERP-System des Jahres.

Multiple award-winning ERP Software

For several years in a row APplus has already been awarded as ERP system of the year in various categories.

Customized to your needs

APplus covers the requirements of small and medium-sized production companies. Better than any other. Each industry has its own requirements to an ERP system. From vehicle manufacturing up to high-tech companies, APplus will fulfill any individual demand.


Open for expansion

APplus adapts to meet your current needs. And grows along with you, if you wish. An ERP software that is up-to-date can be flexibly adapted to new processes and conditions. The modular design of APplus ensures efficiency at all levels permanently.


Little implementation effort

APplus helps you get the best out of your processes. From the beginning. Deciding on APplus as the ERP system for your company provides you with all of the services from a single source: Starting with a requirements definition, continuing to implementation all the way to employee training.

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Focus on our users
Process-oriented user guidance
Groundbreaking technology
Ready for mobile usage

Focus on our users

APplus will meet a high level of acceptance among your employees. In production, administration or IT. An ERP system must permit intuitive use and be an efficient solution for everyone. This is ensured by the new portal and workflow concept of APplus with its multitude of individually adjustable features.

Process-oriented user guidance

APplus helps you get better oriented. In every phase of the process. The new APplus has been given a complete overhaul in terms of operation, workflow and work scope and features a new graphic user interface. This guarantees a quick orientation process and – most importantly – makes it more enjoyable to use the system.

Groundbreaking technology

You are on the safe side with APplus. Now and in the future. APplus is known as a trendsetter for new Microsoft and other standards and products, since current technology trends are incorporated at an early stage and integrated optimally. APplus gives you today what you will need tomorrow.

Ready for mobile usage

APplus lets you have everything in the palm of your hand. Wherever and whenever you need it. Desktop computers, smartphones, tablets – APplus delivers customized information to every terminal device, regardless of your location. You do not have to spend time on system rollouts or upgrades, and you can do productive work wherever and whenever you need to.ency at all levels permanently.