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With APplus, you shorten throughput times, optimise the production flow and improve your service.

The automotive industry, with its far-reaching and highly specialized networks of suppliers, forms an essential backbone of the economy and economic prosperity in Central Europe. It is a prime example of international collaboration and dynamic growth

APplus is specifically tailored to the automotive industry and fully covers all these requirements. The advantages: shorter lead times, higher productivity and more speed through a smooth exchange of information.

ERP highlights for the

General contract

With APplus you can manage all general contracts and view them any time.

Delivery schedules

Constantly updated figures for your delivery and detailed orders.

EDI processes

APplus supports the EDI process as an automotive industry solution.

Bestandteile der ERP-Lösung für Automotive

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  • General contracts
  • Delivery schedules
  • Just-in-time delivery schedules
  • Transportation
  • EDI processes
  • Container management
Automotive Rahmenvertrag

General contract

A general contract is agreed on for each article from the product range. The validity period for the contract and the type of packaging required are specified here in addition to the cost and agreed-upon total number of parts. A forwarding agent and unloading point for the customer are also clearly identified by assigning an EDI partner. The current delivery progress as well as all completed and planned delivery schedules can be viewed at any time on the general contract screen.

Delivery schedules

In delivery schedules, the customer keeps the supplier informed about the next deliveries planned for a certain article. The supplier determines its own production plans based on this information. Additional information assists with materials resource planning for the products to be delivered, the packaging to be used and the quantities delivered thus far (cumulative quantities). Difference analyses between the individual schedules provide support when adapting materials resource planning to fluctuating needs.

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Automotive Feinabruf

Just-in-time delivery schedules

In just-in-time delivery schedules, the OEM informs its suppliers about the final times and quantities for deliveries. The individual schedules are then quickly assembled for transport and prepared for shipping.

Award-winning ERP solution
for medium-sized companies

Top marks Trovarit study 2018/2019

APplus again received top scores for user satisfaction in the Trovarit Study.

Awarded ICT product of the year

Readers of the Funkschau magazine voted ERP solution APplus product of the year for 2019.

CrefoZert: Certified very good credit rating

Complete security for you, ensuring a confident and long-term partnership with Asseco.

Multiple award winning ERP system

APplus has been rated ERP system of the year across various categories for several years in a row.

Automotive Fertigungsbehälter

Container Management

Container management in APplus includes packaging material management that covers all the requirements of container management in the automotive industry. This immediately leads to substantially lower personnel costs for tracking containers as well as a significant reduction in container costs, since container inventories that were previously needed can be reduced.

Consignment Warehouse

For parts that are stocked in the customer's warehouse, consignment warehouses can be furnished and allocated to the pertinent location. Multiple consignment warehouses can be allocated to one article. These consignment inventories can be accounted for separately from the rest of the inventory and for different customers.

Automotive Konsignationslager Gutschrift

Automotive Supplier industry in change

Automotive Anforderungen

And the significance of the suppliers in the automotive industry is continuing to grow. The OEMs are concentrating more and more on their key competencies and are shifting entire system components onto their upstream suppliers. In the development, production and service phases, this requires intensive collaboration between the OEM and system partners and their suppliers.

This collaboration places demands on all partners for high reliability and the ability to respond quickly in the event of problems. In order to master these critical processes reliably, a series of technical standards and best practices have developed, some of which apply to the entire industry and some of which apply only to certain OEMs and their dedicated suppliers.

ERP industry solution for cross-company processes

The state-of-the-art software architecture of APplus (XML Web services) pays off particularly where state-of-the-art EDI processes are to be implemented — an essential contribution to reducing costs.

APplus for automotive suppliers links widely varying company departments and functional areas, coordinates processes in a targeted manner and controls them across companies. The result is integrated information processing.

Automotive Prozesse

More than the basics: Our areas of operation

As an ERP software for medium-sized companies, APplus is perfectly suited for companies in manufacturing and service provision trades.

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Customer relationship management



Finance and accounting

Production planning and control

Integrated management system

Project management

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