The new APplus service organization tool.

Even more service for service providers.

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The new APplus service organization tool.

A state-of-the-art service organization tool with functions that can all be flexibly configured ensures long-term care for your customer relationships. The reliable service organization tool ensures a smooth process for asset management, service orders and much more.

The best thing about it: APplus ensures continuous planning, handling and tracking of service processes.From mobile time recording to checklists to the billing of travel times.

APplus Service Management offers you

Dashboard Laptop
  • Asset management
  • Service orders
  • Leasing agreements
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Mobility
  • Service deployment planning
  • Resource planning board
  • Map connection with PTV
  • Service controlling
  • Help desk
Servicemanagement Mobility


The outstanding suitability of APplus for mobile use pays off particularly in the service area. A service technician is either constantly linked to the company online via a laptop, smartphone, tablet or PDA, or uses these devices autonomously for periodically comparing all of the data to the central system.

Leasing agreements

The management of items for lease and leasing agreements is another highlight rounding out the service offering for service providers. Items for lease are subject to their own principles in materials resource planning and availability. APplus significantly simplifies the monitoring of contract durations and billing cycles as well as revenue allocation on an accrual basis. Full integration into the materials management enables reliable statements about the effective availability of leased properties.

Maintenance contracts

Maintenance contracts usually refer to a system operated by a customer. These can be arranged in APplus based on any run times and due dates. Maintenance contracts that are due are automatically suggested for billing. According to tax regulations, maintenance proceeds are booked in monthly installments as sales figures; that is a task that, until now, could often be managed only with a lot of rework by hand.

If a system requires the performance of periodically recurring service tasks, these are also managed in the maintenance contract. Then a service order is automatically generated by the next service appointment and shows the tasks to be completed.

Award-winning ERP solution
for medium-sized companies

Top marks Trovarit study 2018/2019

APplus again received top scores for user satisfaction in the Trovarit Study.

Awarded ICT product of the year

Readers of the Funkschau magazine voted ERP solution APplus product of the year for 2019.

CrefoZert: Certified very good credit rating

Complete security for you, ensuring a confident and long-term partnership with Asseco.

Multiple award winning ERP system

APplus has been rated ERP system of the year across various categories for several years in a row.

Servicemanagement Controlling

Service controlling

The systematic analysis of service calls and causes of errors is an important contribution to optimizing your own business processes. Right along with this is management analysis of expenditures and proceeds in the service area. APplus documents all relevant data in the ongoing business process and makes it available in needs-based evaluations for decision-makers.

Servicemanagement Controlling

Help desk

Service requests usually reach the corporate hotline today by phone or e-mail. The relation to the respective customer, system or existing maintenance contract is clearly established immediately upon being received. The manner for billing the resulting costs is also clarified immediately.

Here, APplus offers a full service palette:

  • Documentation of the processing status
  • Escalation management
  • To-do lists for helpdesk staff
  • Automatic generation of service orders
  • Aufbau und Pflege einer Wissensdatenbank auf Basis der ermittelten Problemlösungen
  • Generierung von Service-Angeboten und -aufträgen aus der Service-Anfrage
  • Creation of activities (to-dos) for internal employees
This is what makes the APplus help desk module an appreciated addition to capital equipment manufacturers and IT service companies alike.