Vehicle Construction

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APplus Vehicle Construction

APplus is a comprehensive industry solution precisely tailored to the requirements in vehicle construction. APplus enables you to integrate and control all of your company processes, enabling you to expand your competitive advantages and significantly reduce costs. APplus is based on the experiences we have gained in our many years of collaborating with over 1,400 customers.

From manufacturing to management, from product sales to service, all components of our industry solution work together seamlessly. They support production models for make-to-order, make-to-stock and project-related production while promoting the vertical integration of the production area with the rest of the production environment.

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for vehicle construction

ERP-Software für Maschinenbau und Anlagenbau
  • General contracts
  • Forecast calculation
  • Product Configurator
  • Payment plans
  • Sales bills of materials
  • Leasing module
  • Traceability for every point in time
  • Service and warranty module

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Forecast calculation

As early as the quotation phase you can carry out a forecast calculation based on estimates, similar orders or components with already existing BOMs and work plans. Later in the process, this forecast calculation is updated and compared to the actual preliminary, concurrent and final costing.


Product Configurator

If you not only want to describe your vehicle in text, but also to configure it graphically together with your customer, our product configurator is available. It displays the final product in either two or three dimensions, as you choose.

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Vehicles can be traced at any time via a vehicle identification number. Batch numbers and series numbers of vehicles with a problem can be frozen at any time. The traceability also applies to the maintenance and service phase. That way later conversions can also be traced.

The service and warranty module is fully integrated and available even in a mobile version, if you use end devices with Windows CE. The data is compared to the central system either via an online connection or with an autonomous life cycle.


Das ERP-System APplus belegt erneut Bestnoten in der Trovarit-Studie


In the Trovarit study, APplus again scores top marks for user satisfaction.

Die ERP-Software APplus wurde erneut mit dem ERP-Excellence Siegel ausgezeichnet.

AWARDED ITK product of the year

The readers of Funkschau voted the ERP solution APplus product of the year 2019.

Asseco Solutions, dem Unternehmen hinter APplus, wird erneut eine sehr gute Bonität bescheinigt.


Full security for you - for a trusting and long-term partnership with Asseco Solutions.

Mehrfach in Folge ausgezeichnet: die ERP-Software APplus als ERP-System des Jahres.

Multiple award-winning ERP Software

For several years in a row APplus has already been awarded as ERP system of the year in various categories.

Expanding BOMs
PLM/CAD integration
Graphic planning board

Expanding BOMs

Often when an order is submitted or accepted, the particulars of how the production article in question is built still have not been specified. However, production has to begin even before all product data is at hand and the BOMs have been resolved down to the lowest level.

APplus enables you to establish an expanding BOM that you can successively expand by adding all customer data in order to design the article. In the area of production, you are also supported by an automatic weight calculation and a PDM interface to nearly all CAD systems commonly used in vehicle construction.

PLM/CAD integration

PLM integration enables homogeneous access to development and production data. After being released, BOMs created in the CAD system are immediately available in production. The cross-department process is ensured. The Web service architecture of APplus pays off particularly in these areas.

APplus gives design engineers and production scheduling employees access to information that is up-to-date and consistent for everyone involved—even though each department operates solely with its own legacy system: Design engineers use CAD and the integrated EDM/PDM system, and the employees in scheduling or procurement use the PPC module from APplus.

Graphic planning board

For your planning, a graphic planning board gives you an overview of your production and the status of an individual order or project at all times. The results of the planning calculation are presented to the planner in a detailed graphic display (Gantt chart). Any fine-tuning and shifts required can be made right in the planning board.