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The integrated management system.

Transparency and oversight thanks to IMS.


The integrated management system.

The Integrated Management System (IMS) is the key to sustainable optimisation of performance and results in your company.

Ob Prozessoptimierung, Risikomanagement oder kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess (KVP): Das strategische Werkzeug von APplus bietet alles, was man sich von einem modernen Managementsystem wünscht.

Components for IMS

Dashboard Laptop
  • Clear and concise process documentation
  • Risk management
  • Mapping of organizational structures
  • Continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Key figures system
  • Management cockpits

Base concept

IMS forms the basis for business process-oriented company management. Processes are presented in a well-organized manner, organizational structures and resources are mapped clearly, and targets and key figures are communicated transparently. IMS gives you a tool for continually improving your company workflows at the multinational level.

IMS enables the implementation and freedom to design the management system according to all of the ISO/TQM/EFQM concepts. The structure is designed for real-world use and focuses on the essentials. The Web-based solution is modular; the modules can be implemented individually or linked seamlessly into an integrated overall solution. Operation is simple and intuitive, all of the necessary information is available to users directly.

The foundation for improved company-wide collaboration and knowledge management is provided in every aspect.

APplus Screen ims standorte

Cross-site information

All information can be managed across and independent of locations. Each company office enjoys the freedom to supplement processes as part of a defined framework, such as the use of country-specific key figures and risks. Cross-group processes are not affected by these country-specific modifications. The crucial advantage of IMS is continuity of transparency, despite this freedom. In addition, all of the modules are available in several languages, which makes handling substantially easier. All of the contents can be managed independently and without centralization in all of the languages desired.

APplus Screen ims standorte
IMS Verwaltung

Document and user management

The document management component embedded in IMS simplifies integrative management of any file formats and system calls. All of the base functions (versioning, status management, inspection cycles, authorization system) for efficient management are available – and each of them is multilingual.

Overview of main modules

Business processes are at the center of the Integrated Management system. The processes are mapped hierarchically, from the process overview to different detail levels down to individual actions.
  • Strategic alignment and design of business processes
  • Standardization and simplification of processes
  • Consistent navigation from the process map to the action
  • Optimal collaboration through shared process knowledge
  • Complete information thanks to the integration of all documents and helpful tools
  • Process modeling according to BPMN
  • Process cockpits with key figures and risks for performance management
  • Focus on criteria relevant to success
  • Real management cockpit by linking to strategic objectives
  • Ability to expand from a simple key figure system to a balanced score card
  • Graphical evaluations
  • Interface to databases
  • Workflow-based improvement process
  • Freely configurable contents and workflows, such as for customer complaints, error messages, suggestions for improvement, etc.
  • Measure management with effectiveness testing
  • Comprehensive reporting of realized results
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Integrated internal control system
  • Risk portfolio with timeline
  • Measure administration with status overview
  • Risk controlling using risk cockpit
  • Documentation for controls
  • Assurance of matching process requirements and position descriptions
  • One click to jump directly to the desired organizational unit
  • Transparency regarding "Who is doing what, how and where?"
  • Managing expertise in a structured manner
  • Unhindered graphical representations

Cutting-edge technology

IMS is based on the most state-of-the-art Internet technologies. Time-consuming client installations are a thing of the past – a Web browser and access to the intranet or Internet are all you need. There is no need to expend extensive effort learning to use the application – the user interface is intuitive and self-explanatory.

IMS, delivered as a complete intranet solution with integrated user management, can easily be incorporated into existing intranet or content management system solutions. Easily and quickly importing existing users from Active Directory is all the integrated login requires.

IMS utilizes the most state-of-the-art Internet technologies for optimal performance, taking advantage of technologies that have proven themselves in real world applications. AJAX and ASP.NET represent a future-proof and stable basis for various IMS Web services. Thanks to the open XSL-FO standard, IMS provides the option to generate PDF files for printing, shipping or archiving on the fly for a multitude of locations.

Core Technology
  • Microsoft Windows Server as of 2008 R2
  • Webserver: Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server as of 2008 R2
  • browser-independent
  • Extensive evaluations including data export to Microsoft Excel
  • PDF engine for documentation using PDF files