APplus 7.0 product tour

Intelligent maintenance meets smart ERP. With APplus 6.4 we combine smart processes with proven ERP and thus support you in securing your market success in the digital age.


In order to differentiate from competitors, services and support around the actual product are becoming increasingly important for our customers. # Holger Nawratil Operations Director of Asseco Solutions Asseco Solutions AG

A web-based flexible ERP solution

Unlike classic ERP systems, APplus 6.4 features an outstanding Web-based, open architecture that enables users to access all company data. Thus our ERP solution is available anywhere, at any time. This provides not only higher individual productivity, but also greater satisfaction.

Focus on the user.
All business areas on the same page.
No more disruptions in the flow of Information.
More opportunities for customer care.

Focus on the user.

APplus is based on a portal and workflow concept newly designed from the ground up to focus on individual users, along with their personal tasks and the information they need. Individually adjustable portals focus the individual job duties. In addition, our APplus also features a status-controlled workflow. In the overall workflow, this feature notifies users on all deadlines relevant to the individual user and their status in a timely manner together with the information when colleagues have completed their respective portion of the overall process.

The possibility to seamlessly integrate Office products offers an outstanding flexibility. Using the link technology, data can be easily transferred to the Office world. This allows employees to work in the familiar Office environment when working with the ERP system, reducing the training effort for users and system administrators considerably.

All business areas on the same page.

Very many medium-sized companies still use standalone solutions to generate, coordinate and manage the entire volume of company data in various departments. APplus finally relieves you of this stress and outlay of time and money, since APplus enables you to map all important business processes within a single software program. Everything from controlling to production planning and logistics to CRM: APplus makes even complex workflows transparent, providing information about the current progress during each step. This makes adhering to deadlines and instructions a breeze.

No more disruptions in the flow of Information.

Many companies' operations typically feature notorious disruptions in the flow of information that can result from different data formats, incompatible versions of operating systems and applications, limited hardware performance, remote locations and outside sales employees or cooperation with suppliers and partners.

The Web-based architecture of our APplus ERP system effectively prevents these disruptions because APplus was implemented entirely from the ground up as an n-tier application with intensive use of state-of-the-art XML technologies. All information, applications and workflows from the ERP processes are prepared in APplus in the form in which they are actually needed. The user can then work on them directly in MS Office.

More opportunities for customer care.

In our APplus ERP solution, communication with customers can be planned, transacted and documented individually. Customer relationships are structured in just as transparent and reliable a way as in-house procedures. All of this without redundant data storage or interface problems.

For example, APplus gives you the ability to carry out customized sales and marketing campaigns or quickly create sales forecasts for sales management. Thus our ERP system makes a vital contribution to increasing customer satisfaction and value creation in the company.

Advanced links

Do everything you need with just one click.


APplus has a navigation concept that is one-of-a-kind in the ERP world. It is based on advanced link technology that enables users to view all relevant information for the topics that they are working on - with just one click!

They now have the ability to exit processes at the relevant location, call up other process steps or information and from there – without any detours – return to where they started and resume the original processes. The hassle of jumping between different windows and topics within the ERP system is finally a thing of the past.




As the leading ERP solution for medium-sized businesses, APplus has featured full support of the Microsoft operating system since Version 5.2. The current version even takes over the user interface and tile appearance of Windows, enabling users to focus on completing their daily tasks without lengthy orientation periods in the ERP system.

Full-text search

Find what you need quickly


The full-text search in APplus is used to acquire information quickly and easily find the data, operations or processes you need within the complete body of company data stored in the ERP system.

Unlike simple full-text searching, the completely redesigned full-text search in APplus 6.4 gives users the ability to break down search results by area and have them listed separately.


Giving you a perfect overview at all times


With the APplus dashboards, it is easier than ever to display company data in interactive, easy-to-understand tables and charts. This way, you absorb the content and meaning of your company data more quickly.


Voice control

Hands free for other things

In addition to mouse and keyboard control, you also have the ability to control our APplus ERP system by voice. This gives you the option to control APplus quickly and efficiently using your headset.

Mobile app

All the data you need, even on the road


The many options for mobile use of our APplus ERP system are particularly valuable for employees in inside and outside sales and in service. In APplus, contacts and tasks are synced with Outlook or Microsoft Exchange.

By automatically synchronizing with the in-house system, all APplus functions are available on any laptop without any limitations to functionality.


DMS via drag and drop

Document storage with maximum efficiency

The fully integrated drag and drop feature gives you maximum efficiency and ease of operation when storing your documents. Drag your documents directly from your desktop to APplus via drag and drop.