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APplus offers a solution for all common e-business processes

Conquer the world of e-business with APplus. The user-friendly tool lets you implement your own personal e-business strategy with just a few clicks. Even now, we promise you this: With the professional e-business system from APplus, you will reach your targets, gain new customers and open up online markets.

Components for your e-business

Funktionen der ERP-Software im Servicemanagement
  • Store online
  • Processi XML/EDI (VDA, EDIFACT, ...)
  • myOpenFactory

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Online shop

The APplus online shop is used as a traditional shop solution for offering a standardized product catalog on the Internet. Customers can obtain information about the product range, check prices and availability and submit their orders directly. These orders then become available automatically in the APplus MMS module, ready to be shipped and invoiced.

Assemble-to-order production companies can also integrate the APplus Product Configurator into the online shop, giving customers the ability to completely configure their desired products. This also enables manufacturability to be checked right away and the corresponding selling price to be determined, even across complex dependencies.

Extensive search functions allow customers to get what they need quickly, whether by searching for article numbers and serial numbers or using full-text searching.

Identifying and ordering spare parts as part of a service portal is another highly interesting implementation option for using an online shop. To offer maximum convenience here, the APplus online shop also enables you to work with BOMs or exploded drawings. Parts can be easily identified with just one click via exploded drawings and detailed photos and added to the shopping cart.

Nobody else offers this feature.


XML/EDI processes

In addition, based on its XML structure, APplus supports a wide variety of EDI processes (OpenTrans, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Seeburger BIS). Awarding orders to EDI business partners, automatic takeover of purchase orders and collaborating with Internet marketplaces: APplus makes it easy to configure all of these workflows in a way that is customized to your needs - regardless of which EDI standard you are using. Of course, this is particularly true of the automotive area with its long-entrenched procedures.

Supply chain management

When supply relationships are optimized beyond exchanging order data and production processes are tightly interwoven between companies, this is called supply chain management (SCM). Beyond purely exchanging order data, this also includes exchanging medium-term requirement figures, reconciling inventory levels online and optimizing resource use across multiple companies.

This is where APplus takes full advantage of the benefits of its Web service architecture. All required MRP functions can be accessed by customers or suppliers directly over the Internet and used by the IT systems at that location.