APplus plant data collection.

We bring all the plant
data where you need it.

In APplus, personnel availability and capacity planning are linked to each other seamlessly.

Whether logging orders or tracking staff work time-optimized and secure plant data collection from APplus means all your company processes run smoothly. Whether personnel, order or material data-with just a few clicks of a mouse, this component of APplus gives you the actual status of your company processes.


  • Access control
  • Order time recording
  • Personnel time recording
  • Electronic vacation requests
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Our ERP software with the module Plant data collection

Order time recording

As soon as an order has been created in the PPC module and the workshop order papers (including barcode) have been generated, notifications can be posted to the order. Once feedback on times has been provided, it is available immediately in order or project progress tracking. The integrated handling of PPC and plant data collection information also makes it extremely convenient to create and settle collective orders and notifications. This is particularly valuable for companies that have to produce a wide variety of individual parts with relatively short cycle times.

Personnel time recording

In the area of personnel time recording, APplus meets even stringent requirements profiles, giving you the ability to define flexible time, shift and accounting models. Overtime management with annual work time accounts, leave management, and access control provide support for a modern system of presence time management.

High-quality industrial terminals are used as devices for recording data. Alternatively, a computer-based input screen is used, which, due to its online Internet capability, also permits the collection of decentralized time reporting at subsidiaries or even for service calls or site installations.

Both wage accounting and production control benefit significantly from APplus PDC. Fully integrated into PDC, these components provide the advantages of minimal administration and access to up-to-date information.

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